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Olympion Medical Center of Patras is an advanced Private Medical Center, unique for National and European standards.

Olympion General Clinic commenced operations  in  2005.  The Clinic can hospitalize 200 in-patients, in various levels of different room categories, from suites to 4-guests - bedrooms. All rooms have a panoramic view of the sea (over the patraikos gulf with the Rio-Antirio new Bridge) and the mountains.


Operating room

6 operating rooms equipped with the latest technology, each has a room for pre-anaesthesia, transfer, recovery, and intermediate care, allowing the use of advanced surgical techniques. Post-operative recovery is located in a sector annex to the operating theatre where, in addition to constant monitoring, the patient has at his/her disposal a team of nurses supported by an anaesthesiologist.


The Clinic's goal is to offer advanced medical services in an patient-friendly-high-standards environment.

Olympion Rehabilitation Center commenced operations in   2004.  It is an up-to-date center, of high-standards and is one of  the   most advanced centers in Europe. The Center began its function with the intention to offer specialized services of Recovering and Rehabilitation to disabled people, either from pathological causes (paraplegia, hemiplegia, Multiple Sclerosis etc), or from other injuries (car accidents, sport injuries, labor accidents.)


  • 24hour English speaking medical assistance

  • English speaking welfare service where visits are made to all clients who have been admitted to the hospital

  • 24hour English speaking phone service, logistic and technical support in case of incident/accident

  • 24hour ambulance service

The Olympion complex provides advanced  medical  care  to  outpatients and hospitalized patients in a friendly and respectful environment. 


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