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Our specialized staff is devoted to providing the highest quality in personalized care to every patient. This devotion to the patient is willing to promote his long-lasting health and good status, which results in high level patient’s satisfaction.
We would like to make your visit as comfortable and pleasant as possible. In order to make your operation a successful experience, please read carefully all the following information.

Some time before the operation date, a person from Olympion Medical Center’s staff will call you to verify the time of the operation. He will also make questions involving your present or past medical conditions, allergies and any medication that you may receive. You are requested not to hesitate to make any questions that you may have and to make certain that the staff knows all your special needs. If your child is being operated, get informed about our knowledge involving children.
Your doctor or our surgery center nurse will guide you relatively to how much time before the operation you should stop eating and drinking.
If you receive any medication, ask your doctor or the nurse if and when you should receive it before the operation.
Women should inform the doctor or the nurse if there is any possibility of pregnancy.
Leave all your valuables at home, including watches, rings, jewelry and wallets.
Inform the surgeon about any changes in your health, like a cold, fever, and a sore throat.
For your safety, arrange for an adult to transport you safely after the operation. You are not allowed to drive alone after the operation.

Make sure you arrive in time as scheduled. This will make enough time for all the necessary procedures before entering the clinic.
Please bring along your identification card. If any last clarifications are necessary, please contact the Orthopaedic section of Olympion Medical Center before entering the clinic.
Make sure you brought along any bureaucratic formalities your doctor gave you, such as examinations’ results or your medical history and a list of the medication you are receiving.
Wear comfortable loose clothes
At your arrival, you will wear a robe that we will provide. You will be asked to remove any contact lenses, denture and anything additional.

After the operation, you will be transferred to the resuscitation room where you will remain until you will be ready to return to your chamber. It is absolutely natural to feel any discomfort around the operation area. Also, you may feel a little drowsiness or dizziness, which depends on the kind of anesthesia being applied.

Your surgeon will provide you with specific care instructions for when you return home. In case of any difficulty, contact your surgeon.
Do not engage any persistent exercises, do not drink any alcohol, do not drive and do not make any important decisions the first 24 hours after the operation.
A nurse will call you during the first and maybe the second day at home, in order to evaluate your recovery.
You will be asked to fill a questionnaire about the care you received. Your notifications will allow us to improve our services.


In order to provide a complete medical history to the Orthopaedics’ section, mention any medical conditions and facts relating to your health.
-Make any questions about information you did not comprehend.
-Follow the therapeutic treatment program and the instruction of your doctor or any other responsible for your care.
-Accept the consequences of your actions if you miss to follow the rehabilitation program.
-Respect and be interested in the rest of the patients, their families and their visitors.